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My Eerie Encounter at The Painted Lady Bed & Brew

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

The property, standing since 1881, boasts a colorful past that transcends the ordinary. Once a saloon and brothel, The Painted Lady’s walls echo with the whispers of a tumultuous history, including knife fights, shootouts, and the haunting presence of Wild West legends like Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett. The air was charged with a residual energy of times long gone.

As I stepped into the beautifully remodeled rooms, the owner’s tales of paranormal activity took on a chilling reality. The first room, notorious for its ghostly encounters, embraced me with an unsettling energy. Standing by the kitchenette, the floor seemed to shift under me. It felt as though I was plummeting down a steep descent, my stomach churning with each twist and turn as a wave of dizziness engulfed me.

In the second room, the sensation persisted, though not as intense as the first. A fellow tour member hesitated at the threshold, choosing to stay outside. Later, she confessed to feeling an immediate wave of nausea as we approached the rooms. The owner, with a casual air, explained that such reactions were common among visitors, as if the spirits within reveled in stirring the emotions of the living.

I have visited many haunted places, but here I confronted a new level of the paranormal. The sensations were tangible; the energy palpable, leaving me with an inexplicable connection to the ghostly echoes that lingered within The Painted Lady.

As I delved into the mysteries of this haunted haven, the realization dawned that this was unlike any other ghostly encounter I had experienced. The Painted Lady had a way of reaching into the very core of its visitors, stirring emotions and sensations that defied explanation.

Historic Old Brothel
The Painted Lady Bed & Brew at night.

To those who dare to uncover the secrets within The Painted Lady Bed & Brew, contact them at

This is not a journey for the faint-hearted but for those who seek to embrace the unknown.


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